• Fried squid and their homemade aioli sauce
  • Seafood Empanadas
  • Patatas Bravas and aioli house
  • Three-cheese risotto balls with basil sauce
  • Spicy Meat Empanadas
  • Fried Camembert with Almond Breadcrumbs
  • Fried squid with lemon and coriander
  • Gambas fritters with bomba salsa
  • Fish and seafood frying


  • Grilled beef fillet in medallions, chimichurri sauce
  • Chicken skewer with tarragon, tahini and basil sauce
  • Grilled rib steak in strips and its chimichurri sauce
  • Kefta skewers with brava sauce
  • Beef fillet skewers
  • Prawns and squid skewers
  • Fish skewers


  • Stewed octopus marinated in paprika and its mashed potatoes
  • Charcoal bristled clams in garlic butter sauce
  • Mushroom marmiton with Roquefort cheese and walnuts cream
  • Pan-fried beef balls with tomato and four spices
  • Stove of mussels charmoula in the wood oven
  • Beef fondant with ginger, mashed potatoes
  • Calamari à la plancha with garlic butter, lemon purée
  • Pil-Pil Prawns in a wood oven


  • Red onion fondant with rosemary and feta cheese
  • Roast chicken, jalapenos, mozzarella, and crispy shallots
  • Mushroom cream with garlic and Roquefort cheese
  • Southern flavor